Salt & Light

I was recently listening to a sermon entitled “Salty and Shiny People,” which, if you couldn’t guess was on Matthew 5:13-14. In this passage, we are called both the salt and light of the earth. Now, the idea behind this passage is twofold. The first comes from being the salt. As God’s people are called to find places that aren’t flourishing, and then go to those places and bring flourishing. I know this doesn’t immediately seem like something salt would be used for, but in the past, salt was used as a fertilizer. In that way, we are to be like fertilizer, bringing growth and flourishing to our respective places in the world.

The second idea that comes from this passage relates to God’s people being called the “light” of the world. If you think about the song “This Little Light of Mine,” you’ve got the sentiment behind being a light. We are here to shine the light of the Gospel, to reflect it, and share it with others.

These two callings that God’s people are given in this passage seem simple enough, and pretty self-evident if you are one who follows the Lord. However, I’ve realized they are much harder to live out than one would think. Am I living like the “salty and shiny” person I was made to be, or have I left some of my saltiness, or some of my light behind?

Those are my questions for the week. Those are the qualities I am striving to hold as priorities this week.


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