Why Am I Baking so Much?

img_6936-e1531338413191.jpgI made two types of cookies in the span of two hours. As I was baking, I began thinking about the merits behind my baking so much. I know that the people I share the things I bake enjoy what I’ve made, and I enjoy the process of baking as well, but sometimes it feels a little excessive.

I find myself wondering, while baking, if the cookies or the cake or the bread I’m making will be good enough to have made using all the ingredients worthwhile. This concern over the quality of my baking was especially prevalent as I tried out a new recipe. Unfortunately for me, the cookies did not turn out like I was expecting. So, I made another batch of cookies. A batch that I knew would turn out well—almost as a way to make up for the first batch.

I’ve written before about how I enjoy the process of baking, and the ability to share the finished product with those around me, but today I realized too that baking is typically predictable—it typically goes well. The predictability and success of a good cookie is also important to me. I like knowing what’s going to happen, and I like knowing that it is going to be good.

After making some not-so-good cookies, I’ve realized that it could be good to try more new recipes, even if they don’t turn out well.


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