This past week, the gallery hosted their First Friday event, where this month’s show was premiered. On First Friday, all the galleries in the Arts District open up and invite the public in to see their new shows. I have been to many First Fridays, both in Richmond and in Raleigh. However, this was my first time participating in First Friday as part of a specific gallery—as someone working First Friday.

I was hesitant at first, because while I love gallery work (and eventually would like to pursue that as my career), I was not sure how I felt about missing out on the rest of First Friday. Well, as soon as the gallery opened, and our featured artist gave his talk, and people started to come in, all my hesitance was gone.

Remaining in our gallery for the whole of First Friday allowed me to watch everyone who came into the gallery interact with the art, and experience it. I love watching people discover new ideas and styles of art. I love watching people see a different perspective on the world through art. This was exactly what I got to do all night.

First Fridays aren’t just about the art. More importantly, they’re about the people. Both those who help make First Friday possible, and those who come to enjoy First Friday.


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