What Can Art Do?

Today, I had a class about art. Obviously, I was thrilled. In our class, we talked about our own experiences with art and the church. I have been lucky enough to grow up in church environments that do embrace art (visual, musical, you name it) as forms of worship. However, I’ve come to realize that that is not the case for many.

I have seen art affect people in ways that words cannot. I have seen incredibly spirit and emotion filled reactions to art that a simple conversation could not have had. Especially in the context of faith, art is an incredibly valuable form of worship, and of conversation. So what can art do?

In my experience, art can communicate things that words cannot. Are speaks to people’s spirits, not just their minds. With that being said, faith-based art creates the space for discussions to be had that other avenues cannot. Art is creation. And creation is from God. With that, so much can be done.


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